-It’s 5 am ET. This is Luke. I can barely think, write, or do anything else at this point. And the presidential election is far from over. However, I think that Joe Biden will come back in Pennsylvania and Michigan. He will also take back Wisconsin. Trump still has a very good chance, but Biden is winning the Electoral College by 238 votes to 213 as of now. You need 270 to win. Biden may get over 300 votes, but, at the very least, he’ll get the 270 he needs. The only difference between 270 and 306 is whether he comes back in PA and GA. The media would never call these states—or the entire election—even remotely this soon, but I like to live on the edge. Regardless, we’re in for a long week.

-Ultimately, neither of us are happy about all of this. Brandon voted for Trump and Pence. I voted for Biden and Harris, but they remain two of his least favorite politicians ever: two corrupt, flip-flopping centrists who have repeatedly undermined the enactment of progressive, benevolent policies that benefit the average American worker and citizen. But I’m happy that we’re done with Trump and the fact that I did indeed vote for Biden and Harris, still. Like George Washington, Noam Chomsky, and countless others, I don’t support political parties—but personally, I’d still take the Dems over the GOP any day. Needless to say, Brandon has logical and eloquent reasons for his opposing stance.

-The U.S. House and Senate races remain close, as for which party will assume a majority in each. Looks like the Dems will maintain control of the House, while the GOP will probably keep the Senate. Keep an eye on this, particularly the races in Arizona and Georgia (which are extremely close). Looks like the balance of power may rest in the latter state. If the Georgia races remain as close as they are right now, the state will be forced to turn to a special runoff election. Such a scenario would likely produce the most important—and certainly the most expensive—runoff election ever. The Democrats have almost no chance to garner the 51 seats they’d need to secure a majority if Trump does win the presidential election. However, assuming Biden wins, the Democrats will only need 50 seats for a majority in the Senate because Kamala Harris, the ostensible vice president-elect, would break any votes that end in a 50-50 tie. This would also mean that the Democrats can select the new Senate Majority Leader—presumably the current Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

-How will the economy change? There is often uncertainty when the national economy has to adapt to a transfer of power. However, what I see as the main factor in the economy under Biden’s first year is Covid-19. Will we get a viable vaccine? Or no? What I’ll say is that we’ve been riding a solid, consistent bull market for almost 10 years now. It’s destined to fail eventually. All “great” nations deal with an endless economic sinusoid of highs and lows. I wouldn’t blame it on Trump or Biden per se (aside from the fact that Trump pumped trillions into the stock market via the Fed in order to save himself and simply delay an impending collapse)—but I bet a recession is coming. However, everyone from the bipartisan Joint Economic Committee in the Senate to almost all of academia (like my university, Harvard) to even Business Insider agree that the economy does better under Democrats. No surprise there. So, good luck!

-Donald Trump just said that he will take this to the Supreme Court if he loses. Perhaps he could get 3 or 4 votes, but he’d never get the 5 SCOTUS votes he’d need to pull off this BS. Trump often resorts to implications that are so vague that they can’t be disproven with facts like false claims can. It’s frustrating.

My simulation of what may happen.

-What I’m really interested in now is the popular vote. We all know that, strangely enough, the Electoral College is all that matters in this country’s presidential elections. But the popular vote remains an important statistic. Biden is currently up by 3 million votes, but I think that he will win by 6 or 7 million votes. We probably still have at least 8 or 9 million more votes to count in California, and this will add to Biden’s popular vote lead by at least 2-3 million. Meanwhile, we have plenty of votes to count in states like New York, too—whereas there are no major red states with many votes left to count. Texas is no longer a heavily-red state. I think that Biden will get around 80 million votes. Trump will get 74 million votes, perhaps.

-Cheers to every informed, responsible citizen who voted. I applaud you, regardless of whom you support. I hope we unify as a country now. To quote Thomas Jefferson, “I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.”