As states certify their election results, President Trump faces down increasingly improbable re-election prospects. Although some, including myself, have argued that there is still an extraordinarily narrow, legal path to victory for Trump, the burden of proof required to achieve such an outcome appears insurmountable. As of today, we have seen no evidence of mass voter fraud, meaning hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands of fraudulent ballots. Although we have seen many individual instances of voter fraud as well as severe election mismanagement in many counties, there simply is not enough evidence yet to overturn the election results in Michigan, Pennsylvania, or Georgia. 

On Nov. 15, the Trump campaign dropped their claims of voter fraud from their Pennsylvania lawsuit, and subsequently, on Nov. 19, dropped their last Michigan lawsuit altogether. On Nov. 22, the Trump campaign ousted Sidney Powell, releasing a statement articulating that she is now “practicing law on her own… [and] not a member of the Trump Legal Team.” And this week, President Trump directed Emily Murphy of the U.S. General Services Administration to begin the transition process to a Biden Administration–opening up access for Biden to receive daily intelligence briefings. So, Trump may be out of the White House. But what does that mean for his political future? 

He could run for president again in 2024. According to reports from the Daily Beast, Trump has considered this course of action and could be planning a 2024 campaign rally on Biden’s Inauguration Day. Although it would be difficult for him to secure the Republican nomination in 2024, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities and would align with Trump’s persona.

We could also see Trump use a political action committee (PAC) to retain influence over the Republican Party. With potential contributions from millions of his loyal supporters, he would have the ability to raise a massive war chest, influencing Republican primaries and campaigns at all levels of government. Trump has already filed with the SEC to create the “Save America” PAC, which will be used to support congressional candidates and other office seekers. 

At a minimum, I believe we will see him mimic Hillary’s post-election conduct, traveling the country while claiming that the election was “stolen” and that we have an “illegitimate President.” At the end of the day—regardless of if Trump is living in the White House or in his Florida mansion—when it comes to the political arena, it looks like he’s here to stay.